To LeMarkuu!

A UK based economics student concentrating on bringing people together through other peoples journeys.

Take a look around and tell me about your story!

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This is me. Student by day & student by night. I never sleep…

My name is Luke Lehepuu. I have a huge variety of activities I enjoy, snowboarding, economics, trading, keeping fit, building things.

But behind all of it, is that I just like to talk to people, plain and simple.

Interacting with people and talking about their stories is what I love to do, building audiences to share those experiences is what I do even better.

Grow your audience with real people

Real people who interact with your content and pages

Interactions that create loyal followers who consistently enjoy your content

Further developing your influence and reach

Here is a list of things I can do for you

Instagram Growth

Grow your Instagram audience with people who are interested in YOU!


Get more people to interact with you through liking, comments, sharing, loving.


People who fall in love with what you do will want to support you and purchase products.


If you want guidance on how to manage your online presence then we can help.


If you have a certain type of person you want to interact with you we can find them.


If you want something scheduling we will post it for you at the exact time you need.